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EMI Enclosures

ยป Innovative electronics & avionics enclosures

You might think it's difficult to create lightweight, complex-contoured enclosures that maximize internal space with minimum overall size. And even more difficult to make them easy to assemble and mount. You'd be right.

But this is a challenge that we meet every day. Our enclosure designs include innovative, easy to use fasteners and mounting solutions that result in lightweight, dependable enclosures that are robust and easy to assemble. We offer a variety of composite combinations to suit your project.


Integrated EMI shielding

Concerned about EMI? We specialize in carbon enclosures that integrate EMI shielding into the manufacturing process. Using state-of-the-art additives throughout the carbon fibers, we join their conductive properties to create a strong, lightweight composite matrix. This process environmentally protects sensitive electronics devices and provides EMI shielding.

Our materials have passed nuclear EMI strike requirements and can be combined with most structures, including our camera housings. We can also assemble and test your avionics and hardware as necessary.

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